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More than 60 boards, our new beer selection and a Full House

Andy Ford

Boardworks was packed to the brim with patrons filtering through to examine the new art this year by about 60+ artists on Saturday, Nov. 4. By 7:30 p.m.. Laughter and conversation filled the shop. Walking around became a challenge itself with over 70 patrons flooding the space at nearly any given time. 

Artists were using the canvases of broken snowboards to come up with new graphic designs, make 3-D art, or go completely against the norm and chop it up or build structures around the board itself. Either way, this creative way of saving broken, un-ride-able boards from a landfill inspired a ton of unique art with a variety of mediums.  

Participating artists were able to choose whether to sell, auction or keep their boards at the show. Artists kept 100% of the funds they made on their sales with Boardworks taking zero commission fees. Danielle Davis and Kyle Loerzel were gracious enough to donate their entire sales revenue to our shop, thank you Danielle Davis and Kyle!

A handful of different waves came through the night and our new license to sell beer and snacks allowed us to foster a more hospitable environment for the artists and visitors. Bailey Lupo and Morgan were our outsourced snack bar slingers for the night and their charm undoubtedly contributed to our patrons repeatedly coming back for more libations. 

Johnny, Nate, and the crew worked tirelessly the night before and day-of to turn the shop into an art gallery. We hung displays and tucked merchandise away to every nook and cranny to open up the space.  DJ Kraymer G Dot set up around 9:30 p.m. and cranked some tunes to kick start the after-party. He's a true expert-in-the-field of mixing and matching tracks and he got the crowd psyched. We have to thank every one of the artists for making the art show a hit. 

Without you all, the art show couldn’t exist, so thank you! 

Enjoy the photo gallery of all of the boards and festivities below. 



Boards hang in the tune shop.

Patrons check in and get drink wristbands.

Attendees check out pieces on display in the main showroom.

Brandon Bradshaw, right, talks with his relatives at the show.

Ellie Lewis poses next to her board during the art show as her mom takes a photo.

A couple attendees examine some boards on display.

A couple attendees open Johnny Lupo's piece, "The Last Stripper," which is framed by a curtained light box. It soon became a fan favorite due to the absurdity and reveal factor.

Johnny Lupo's, "The Last Stipper," is a play-on of "The Last Supper"

Art show attendees get a kick out of "The Last Stripper."

Beer was on the menu, a first for Boardworks in its 9 year history.

Darcie Gray mingles with other show artists and attendees.

Morgan, left, Casey, and Bailey market new Boardworks product: Montucky Cold Snacks and Carnal Jerky.

DJ Kraymer G Dot plays beats for the after party with hits from Afroman, Biggie Smalls, and other hip-hop artists.

Attendees dance to the music DJ'd by Kraymer G Dot during the after party,

Boardworks Owner Johnny Lupo sips Capri Sun, a new economical item on the beverage list.

Boardworks staff Andy Ford, left, Luke Duvall, and Kal Thalhammer pose for a group photo during the art show.

Keep in mind the blog software is quite rudimentary or rather difficult to use and changes in image size are a characteristic of the program, not our preferential treatment of other pieces over others








“Smokie Skellies”  



Artist: McKenzie Owens




“Celestial Reverse” 

Artist: Natalie Milsap

 Instagram: @artbynatmilsap


Left To Right: 

“Nuclear Garden” 

 Artist: Brad Taddonio 

 Instagram: @braddonio 

“Moon over Baker” 

Artist: Darcie Gray 

Instagram: @Sweetd_tothe_g 


“Mars Attacks” 

Artist: Jordan Crumity

Instagram: @justjordinner


Left To Right: 


Artist: Maddie Evans 

Instagram: @artmadge 



Artist: Adrian Martinez 

Instagram: @adrianmartineztattoo 

“Nostalgia Rush” 

Artist: Amanda Kotas 

Instagram: @amandakotas









“Howling at the Mountains” 

Artist: Teanna Holsey

Instagram: @artbyteanna






“Lord of Lightning” 

Artist: Aubrey Smith 

Instagram: @urmoms.artistry










“Metal Method” 


Artist: Jennifer Strassel

Instagram: @piratemetalworksllc





left to right


Artist: Adrian Martinez

Instagram: @adrianmartineztattoo

“The Girl”

Artist: Brandon Bradshaw

Instagram: @brandon_theinkwell


Artist: Nate Braks

Instagram: @otherworldimagery





left to right


“One Last Run” 

Artist: Quincy Quigg

Instagram: @q_quigg


“Cosmic Mountains”

Artist: Michelle Johnson

Instagram: @northwest_haven_art


Artist: Jessica Ward





left to right

“Be a Lighthouse”

Artist: Charles Wilkinson

Instagram: @deckofchars

Website (etsy): deck of chars


Artist: Celeste Jerome

Instagram: @celeste.jerome

“Cosmic Gumbo”

Artist: Devin Paquette

Instagram: @obsidian.teeth






left to right:


“Leave Me Some Space”

Artist: Nick Welch

Instagram: @raventeethcraftworks

“Ride the Lightning”

Artist: Andrew Joyner

Instagram: @ajoynerart

“Bigfoot ‘n Brews”

Artist: Alison Witwer

Instagram: @alisonshayne





left to right

“Deny Self Doubt” 

Artist: Stephan Baddeley

Instagram: @arctic.type


“The Red Eye”

Artist: Kailee Winterburn

Instagram: @kaileewinterburn


“Ultra Beans”

Artist: Brian Ingles







left to right:


Artist: Stephan Baddeley

Instagram: @arctic.type


“Midnight’s Lullaby”

Artist: Alex Holt


Artist: Kellin Bonilla

Instagram: @kellinchrysanthemum






left to right

“The Organizer’s Daydream”

Artist: Kelda Rial

Instagram: @Keldelic

“Just F’in Around”

Artist: Ana Prussia

“Spoopy Board”

Artist: Taylor Wolanski










“Jump Man”


Artist: Dominick Martin

Instagram: @toxic_sludge21









“Stupid but Sexy”

Artist: Brooke Lin

Instagram: @1nklo_











Artist: Kyle Loerzel

Instagram: @timelesstruth_tattoo















“Good Luck”


Artist: Lil Johnson

Instagram: @oatmealbrains









Top to Bottom

“Dude Looks Like a Lady”

Artist: Brooke Lin

Instagram: @1nklo_ 

“Spawning Brookie”

Artist: Evan Whitehead




“The Last Stripper”


Artist: Johnny Lupo with Nate Braks










“Night Sky”

Artist: Michelle Lindsay

Instagram: @michelle.lindsay




Left to right

“Glam Rocker”


Artist: Danielle Davis





Artist: Brad Taddonio


Instagram: @braddonio


“Bluebird Spirits”


Artist: Kaitlin Simpson











Artist: Ellie Lewis

Instagram: @eliza_blu02







“Fuck You No Title (bitch)”



Artist: Luke Duvall


Instagram: @duvall.luke










“CK Was Right”

Artist: Danny Burt





Left to right



Artist: Kamile Jordan

Instagram: @kamilejordantattoo



Artist: Bailey Lupo

Instagram: @raisingwolvez


Artist: Carson Johnson

Instagram: @inkyfingerstattoo










Artist: Janille Dutton

Instagram: @janilles_heartistry






“The Norm 17/18” 


Artist: Norman Roque










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