Video | Dogo Vision POV: Huskies Chase Pow-Surfers

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Powsurfing is hard. But it’s way more fun when you have huskies to run with with you while learning to ride them. You can expect to do a good amount of falling when you ditch the bindings, but the pursuit is well worth the effort. We’ve got a bunch of demos if you’d like to give pow surfing a try.

Filmed by:

Nate Braks / Johnny Lupo / Emma Lupo

Edited By:

Andy Ford 

PowSurfers Ridden:

Grass Roots Slasher 140cm
Grass Roots Flying Carpet 140cm
Grass Roots Flying Carpet 150cm 

Other Powsurfers Carried by Boardworks

 Backcountry Gear Carried at Boardworks


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