Gift Guide for Snowboarders

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Need some ideas for what to get the snowboarder in your life? Boardworks Tech Shop has you covered with our gift guide!

All of these gifts have been hand selected by our team to be foolproof gifts for the snowboarder in your life. Not only are these gifts helpful and stoke-inspiring if they don't have them, but they are items that you can't have too many of! So, you really can't pick anything wrong from this list. 

If you want to go straight to our collection of gifts for snowboarders, you can look at all of our gift suggestions here. 

If you would like help narrowing down the options even further, we have a few of our absolute favorites below. 


1. Avalanche Safety Gear

Tracker S Rescue Kit 

This is definitely one of the most rad gifts you can get a snowboarder. It can save their life or someone else's! Any snowboarder who goes outside the ropes of the ski area (and many do) should have a kit like this. These backcountry safety items are essential for navigating avalanche-prone-terrain safely. These items allow someone to be found if buried by an avalanche, or find someone else who has been buried. 

Avalanche Beacon
Avalanche Beacon Selection

A beacon is the very first piece of equipment you'll need if you are traveling outside the boundaries of ski areas. This is the most important piece of one's backcountry gear kit. It is a device that emits a signal so that one can be found if buried by an avalanche and receives signals for those who are pursuing a rescue. This is a gift that saves lives! Any of the beacons above will help keep the snowboarder in your life safe.

Avalanche Shovel

These portable shovels are a great gift for any snowboarder. They are made out of strong enough materials to perform an avalanche rescue in cement-like snow. They are also useful to riders that just want a shovel for building a jump or digging their buried car out of the parking lot. 

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2. Snowboard tuning / maintenance items. 

Snowboard Tuning Kit 

If you want to really stoke out the snowboarder in your life, get them set up with a full tuning kit. These kits come with virtually everything you need to take care of your snowboard. Even if you already have some of the stuff in a kit, a snowboarder will always stoked to have spares! 

All Temperature Wax

All-temperature wax is one of the safest bets on this list. You literally ALWAYS need more wax. Not only should you wax your board (or skis) about every 5 times you ride for proper maintenance, but the more often you wax the easier your snowboard will glide. All-temp wax works in the vast majority of temperature ranges, so it is the most widely used kind of wax. 

Wax Scraper 

Wax scrapers are an incredibly safe bet for a gift. They get dull over time and routinely need replacing due to constant use. Riders and skiers need one every time they wax their snowboard (or skis). 

Gummi Stone

A gummi stone is a underdog gift. Nothing super exciting or appealing to look at, but a gummi stone is extremely useful and it will impress the snowboarder in your life as they see how 'in-tune' with the sport you are. A lot of snowboarders don't even realize how useful they are. But once they have one they can never live without it. These little guys help remove rust  and burs from your edges and help your snowboard tune last way longer. Ideally, you use one every time you wax your snowboard so that you don't contaminate your wax with rust from your edges. 

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3. Ninja Suit Base Layers 

Whether you get the Ninja Suit Classic, Merino, or Pro, you will undoubtedly be getting the snowboarder in your life a killer gift. One cannot have too many base layers. Especially, if you rider more than once a week. And these base layers are chiefly comfortable because their one-piece construction, which prevents bunching up or riding up one's extremities while snowboarding (or skiing). They are also moisture-wicking and anti-microbial. That's important for thwarting sweat and stinky odors. 

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4. Socks and Facemasks

Much like the base layers mentioned above, you can NEVER have too many socks or facemasks. A rider often feels like they are running out of clean riding socks and facemasks. 

Snowboard sock gift examples

 Face Masks for Snowboarding

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5. Gift Card 


Boardworks Gift Card

Does all of the above seem a bit much? Feel a little lost in the sauce? Maybe the rider you are shopping for is a 'wee' bit picky? Get 'em a gift card. Not only is it the easiest option, but it gives them the most optionsThey will be stoked. You will be stoked. Happy freakin' holidays!

Still looking for more gift ideas? View our entire collection of gifts for snowboarders here. 

Would you like help picking a gift? Feel free to call us at the shop! We can help you narrow down the options over the phone: (360) 526-2181 . 

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