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Boardworks hosted its first of a series of cruises on the Bellingham waterfront. With the bulk of longboard media so heavily focused on super gnarly downhill and freeride skating, we wanted to host and document some events with a more beginner friendly, chilled-out vibe. After all, no matter how fast you are or how far you can slide, a cruise by the beach is always a good time! 

To start the day off, everyone met up at the shop to shake hands, say hi, and check out gear. After everyone was accounted for, we skated directly from the shop to the waterfront to cruise some beautiful smooth trails. Along the way we stopped to skate fun features and take in the scenery. 

People of all skill levels and disciplines showed up to skate together, making for a very interesting skate. Some people strictly cruised while others did flat ground tricks and found any available downhill slope to do slides on. No matter what style people were rocking, everyone had a killer time. After the main session was over, some of us took off to a local downhill spot to get our speed and skid fix, making for an epic afternoon of skateboarding. 

If you would like to attend one of these cruises, make sure to follow us on Facebook and check out our Events Calendar on our website. 

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