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To close up the Summer Path Race Series, Boardworks hosted a path race at Wiggums Hollow Park in Everett, Wa. It was the 4th in a series of beginner friendly path races following the Bellingham Path Dash and Double Header Path Race. This was the last chance for riders to guarantee themselves a spot at an invitational race at the end of the season through making podium at one of our path races.  

The maximum speed of the Wiggums path course is about 25 mph. The path has multiple corners that are mostly grip-able with one mandatory left hand drift.  While the path is a bit more on the technical side compared to some of the other paths in the series, it is on an all grass hill making crashing very low consequence. Thus it was an ideal spot to practice racing for both beginners and more experienced riders. The photos below taken by Nick Thayer show the course from top to bottom. 

Wiggums Path Race Boardworks Tech Shop

Wiggums Path Race Boardworks Tech Shop

Wiggums Hollow Park Path Race Boardworks Tech Shop

Wiggums Path Race Boardworks Tech Shop

Wiggums Path Race Boardworks Tech Shop

We ended up running two races. One where riders raced head to head and were only allowed 1 push at the start line, with no pumping allowed anywhere on the course. This meant that riders had to take precise race lines in order to keep their speed. 



"Rules" Wiggums Race

1st - Chase Vaughan

2nd -  John Slugg

3rd - Josh Larkin 



 After we ran the race with rules, we decided to run a "no rules" race. The only actual rule that was enforced was that riders had to cross the finish line with both feet on their board. Racers could make up there own rules for each heat and choose who they raced against. But ultimately it was up to the racers to enforce their own rules. This ended up making for an exceedingly entertaining race. There were backwards tuck races, knee board races, other people's setup races, and plenty of off-road races. 





"No Rules" Wiggums Race

1st - Chase Vaughan

2nd - Josh Larkin

3rd - John Slugg 


A big thanks to everyone who came out to race! We had a great time hosting it, and we hope you all had a great time racing it! 

A big thanks to the Wiggum's Path Race Sponsors: 


Luxe Truck Co. 


Remember Collective 



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