RECAP | CAKE & LAYERS Double Feature Snowboard Video Premier

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Viewers watch CAKE, a snowboard film produced by RedBull and Nitro Snowboards.

October 3rd marked the shop's first day of the 23/24 season and we needed to get the stoke going. As the chance for snow hitting the slopes becomes greater, there’s a tried and true way to get that stoke flowing: A video premier. Nitro Snowboards had not one, but two rad new films ready to launch. So, of course, we jumped at the opportunity to premier their new films, CAKE and LAYERS, with only a week's notice. Fast and loose has always been our style anyways. 

So, we had decided to go for broke and opted for the double-premiere attack plan. We hit up all the homies, set up a raffle for a limited edition Nitro X Konvoi Powsruf, and stocked the fridge with 300 cans of premium-grade Rainier. The local homies showed up in force ready to party. 



The meet, greet, and reunions of friend groups initiated the rowdy atmosphere before launching into CAKE. The lights dimmed and we all dove into the stoke of the Nitro team going HAM on some sick park lines and odd snowboard choices... Unfortunately, for the film connoisseurs, malfunctions ensued. The video file was broken, and the wi-fi did not want to cooperate.




But the hype train could not be stopped. Drinking games ensued and each glitch or interruption signaled all to take a drink. The enthusiasm was showing no signs of slowing down. Eventually, a local crew's movie trailer, Plebeians by Ghen Sasakura, was thrown on the screen and we were able to get through all 120+ seconds of that no problem.

LAYERS, produced by RedBull and Nitro Snowboards, was the second of the double-features watched. LAYERS covers a variety of destinations and culture activists who are working to make those who see themselves as just people who snowboard, into making them feel like they can identify as “snowboarders.” We highly recommend checking it out in full here. It is an awesome film. But the party vibes had taken over and we didn't end up finishing the second film. It was time to give some nitro product away and get to the after party. 


A premier attendee wins a pow surf board

From there we jumped into the raffle and product toss. Nitro showed up with swag ranging from backpacks to screw-drivers, and everyone was gunning to catch anything, no matter how treacherous. By the end of the debauchery of swag tosses and beer consumption, a tradition was imposed on our new Nitro rep John-O. It was his first-ever Nitro event as a rep and Boardworks' own, Johnny Lupo, goaded the young gun into chugging a beer out of a snowboard boot (See video below).


After shutting down the premier, attendees migrated to Sweet As Waffles for the after party where we finished off the night with board chugs, shot skis, and some DANK waffles. 



Boardworks doing giveaways at the end of the night.


We have a TON more events coming up this season! So make sure to catch us at the next one. You can stay up to date with Boardworks events on our event calendar, Instagram, and newsletter. 

Big thanks to Nitro for getting us set up with this event and helping us send off the season proper! 
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