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Avalanche Basics with AAI

For the second year in a row, the American Alpine Institute (AAI) presented an intro discussion on the science, equipment, forecasting, and travel techniques surrounding avalanche terrain at Boardworks Tech Shop. Weston Backcountry helped coordinate us working with AAI and Kulshan Brewing providing free beer for those over the age of 21. This event is a great opportunity for people who want an introduction to avalanche safety, or folks who just want to brush up on their avalanche awareness.

This year’s event featured a new speaker who specifically had a snowboarding background and a ton of experience navigating the Mt. Baker backcountry. Having a speaker with this background was awesome. Not only did they identify with what snowboarders / splitboarders want to know about avalanche safety, but they had lots of photos and examples of avalanche problems in our local Backcountry zones. While all of this information was valuable to skiers and snowboarders alike, it was definitely cool to hear an avalanche safety talk from a snowboarder’s perspective.


Kulshan Brewing

If you are a beer drinker and haven’t checked out Kulshan brewing you are missing out. It is safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed these delicious free beverages from one of our favorite Bellingham, WA breweries.

If the beer alone isn’t enough reason to check them out, they are also AWESOME about supporting snowboarding in our area. They frequently support local events like this one and even host movie premiers like the Visual Appetite and All Aboard.

American Alpine Institute

If this talk sounds like something you would be interested in, we highly recommend looking into more of AAI’s classes and programs. They are an awesome local resource in Bellingham, Wa for leveling up your knowledge of the backcountry. We have a list below of their upcoming classes and programs about avalanche safety / backcountry Safety.

Courses & Events with AAI:

Weston Backcountry 

Weston Backcountry makes some killer splitboads and snowboards. The Weston Backwoods has been one of our best selling snowboards and splitboards for many years due to its versatility and ability to absolutely slay pow. Especially for the all mountain and backcountry focused riders, Weston is a brand you want to pay attention to. Definitely check out our selection of Weston boards.

Thanks for checking out our recap of this year’s Avalanche Basics class with AAI. If you want to know about more events like this, make sure to check out our event calendar and subscribe to the monthly Boardworks Newsletter at the bottom of our homepage. 


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