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The Kinco Gloves art show returned for its second year at Boardworks Tech Shop. The first Boardworks Kinco Art Show was a huge success. Artists and snowboarders were stoked on the show, so we had to do it again. And once again, we were floored by the talent in our Mt. Baker snowboarding community! There were a ton of different and rad art styles represented in the show again this year.

Like last year, participating artists kept 100% of their sales, got a discount on Kinco gloves purchased through Boardworks, and got a discount on art supplies purchased at the
Bellingham Dakota Art Store. This year’s show featured brand new original art on fresh new Kinco Gloves & Mitts.


If you aren't familiar with Kincos gloves, they are awesome. These are some of the most warm and tough gloves you can get for skiing and snowboarding.  Once you use some Sno Seal on them, they are MEGA waterproof as well. So to have a pair that also has one-of-a-kind local art on them is mega sick.





View all of the art gloves below

 and make sure to check out the local artists that made them!

 We have links to their websites and social media profiles so you can check out more of their work and/or contact them to buy the gloves they made.

Morgan Scott

Tittle: “Maha Kala”

Instagram: @memes.against.the.machine


Tittle: “Steezy”

Instagram: @The_steezy_scribbling

Madelyn Milner  

Tittle: “Spirits of Baker”

Instagram: @madelart_

Tattoo Artist at Red Sparrow Tattoo

Sydney Treat

Instagram: @sydneytreat

Stephen Baddeley  

Tittle: “Say Your Paryers”

Instagram: @arctic_type


Abbey Hebeison  

Tittle: “Fish”

Instagram: @saucy_lids

Natalie Grote  

Instagram: @natgro_studios

Brad Taddonio  

Tittle: “Lady of The Hills”

Instagram: @braddonio

Mindy Borgatta  

Tittle: “Sworlies”

Instagram: @_cat___dad_

Yasmine Zoubby  

Tittle: “Prison Shit”

Instagram: @tattoosbyyaz

Emma Lundin

Instagram: @lundinpeak

Mia Ruger

Tittle: “Mt Aspiring”

Instagram: @designsbymiar

Emma Lundin

Instagram: @lundinpeak

Mayhsa Deol

Instagram: @mayhs.a

Justin Pickard

Tittle: “Drip”

Instagram: @captpickard


Grace Taylor

Tittle: “Portal Hopper”

Instagram: @blades.of_grass

Pablo Airth

Tittle: “Delica & Sprinter”

Instagram: @bepeculiar

Kyle Loerzel

Tittle: “Timeless”

Instagram: @Timelesstruth_tattoo


Greta Hansen

Tittle: “Change of Seasons”


Asaiah Montoya

Instagram: @asaiahm


Mia Ruger

Tittle: “Smoking Salmon”

Instagram: @designsbymiar

Kelda Rial

Tittle: “Not a Butterfly”

Instagram: @keldelic

Gabrielle Chavez

Tittle: “Regular Show Goes To Baker”

Veda Allen

Tittle: “Moon Gloves”

Instagram: @vloreen_art

Justin Pickard

Tittle: “Serpent”

Instagram: @captpickard


Natalie Grote

Tittle: “Tyrannosaurus & White Shark”

Instagram: @natgro_studios

Uhane Johnson  

Tittle: “Shroom Phase”

Penny Airth

Tittle: “Eye Spy”

Instagram: @Penelobeats

Natalie Millsap

Tittle: “Stargaze”

Instagram: @Artbynatmillsap

Dominick Martin  

Tittle: “Spider of Death”

Instagram: @Toxic_sludge21

Emily Turner  

Tittle: “Eye Spy”

Instagram: @woolymammoth

Natalie Grote

Tittle: “Sea Turtle & Jellyfish”

Instagram: @natgro_studios

Abby Anderson

Tittle: “Hairy Mountain”


Abby Anderson

Tittle: “Sunflowers”


Carly Thaw  

Instagram: @carlythaw


Orion Kalt  

Tittle: “Last Minute Entry”

Instagram: @Beef_broth

Katy Thalhammer  

Tittle: “I Don’t Know, Man, I just Work Here”

Katy Thalhammer, Boardworks employee, decided to make a pair of gloves on the fly during the art show.

And of course there were shop shenanigans as the night went on. Some of which we probably shouldn’t put in this blog post. Just ask Luke….

Anyways thanks for making it this far in the blog recap! If you dig a pair of gloves in this post, hit up the artist! You may be able to still purchase that exact pair! Or even better, commission a new piece!

If you are feeling inspired and
want to make your own Kincos, you can purchase them here.

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