Spark R&D Surge Pillow Line Ankle Straps - all blackk - shown on asplitboard binding
Spark R&D Surge Pillow Line Ankle Straps - all black - closeup

Spark R&D Surge Pillow Line Ankle Straps

Boardworks Breakdown: 

If you have the old Spark straps these are a must-have upgrade. They are way lighter, way more durable, and way more comfortable. They really are just better

Manufacturer Description: 

For Spark fans who already have bindings and just want to upgrade, we are offering strap sets à la carte so everyone can enjoy weight savings, performance, and durability.

Surge Pillow Line Straps are lightweight - 53% lighter than their fabric strap predecessors. They are ultradurable, comfortable, waterproof, one-piece molded construction, and made 100% in-house. Strap pillows are thin and flexible for a comfortable, conformed fit, while thicker ribs are held off the boot and provide stiffness for a uniquely responsive ride. Surge ankle straps have a wide, asymmetrical footprint around the boot for incredible all-around support.

Weight: 8.80 oz/pr (252g) - Medium (includes buckles, ladders, adjusters, and hardware)

pr (242g) - Medium (includes buckles, ladders, adjusters, and hardware)


Super Light

Pillow Line ankle straps weigh in at a mere 37g for the Arc and 39g for the Surge (a 46% and 53% weight savings!). Toe straps barely register on the scale at 14g.


Touring is tough on straps with bindings constantly grazing past each other. These plastic straps are incredibly durable and made to withstand the abuse.


Pillow Line straps will not take on water weight in warm conditions, or freeze when temperatures drop. Snow simply doesn't stick.

Solid One-Piece Construction

No glue, stitching, rivets, or foam to break down over time.