Self-Serve Waxing Station

We've re-opened our self-serve waxing station for the season and we are stoked to see some people come take advantage!

What to know ahead of coming to use it:

This is a free-to-use bench in our repair shop where customers can use an iron, scraper, bench and clamps to keep their mess out of their house and come hang with other riders.

The bench will operate on a first come first serve basis. Please call ahead to verify that the self-serve bench is available (360) 526-2181. Any additional tools that are desired but not provided are purchasable through us. We have basically anything you'll need in stock, right here in our store.

Our Guidelines and Best Practices are listed below. They will also be posted at the bench. Directions from Boardworks will also be displayed, but it's not a "how to." If you use the self-serve bench, we expect that you have prior waxing experience or have taken one of our clinics. Sign up for a Clinic if you'd like to learn how to Wax or perform more involved tuning!

Come hang, drink a beer from our in-store bar, and give your board some TLC!

Boardworks Team


Guidelines and Best Practices

(For our benefit and YOURS ;)


  • Please respect the techs and do not bother them. They are hard at work tuning other customers' gear. 
    1. Treat the equipment not as if it were yours, but if it were your best friend’s who you love.
    2. Prepare your board as instructed by the in-store directions, it will protect your board and our equipment from damage.
    3. Provided: Iron and Gummi Stone. Wax and other tune tools must be brought or bought.
    4. PLEASE DO take your time to do it right. We want you to have the time necessary to treat your board with care!
    5. PLEASE DON’T leave the iron face down… ever.
    6. PLEASE DO leave everything how you found it.
    7. PLEASE DON’T leave with anything you found.

    Best Practices

    1. Even if you have waxed before, we all do things differently. We implore you to read our brief instruction at the self-serve bench before turning anything on 🙂.
    2. If you’re unsure where to start or haven’t done this in a while, consider signing up for one of our waxing clinics, taught right here at Boardworks!
    3. Please turn the temperature dial on the iron slowly; cranking it fast will decrease the accuracy of the temperature control.