Konvoi Trou 147cm Powsurfer - 2024
Konvoi Trou 147cm Powsurfer - 2024

Konvoi Trou 147cm Powsurfer - 2024

Boardworks Breakdown:


Manufacturer Description: 

Yellow resin edition. Each board is a unique artifact that highlights our wood-based construction.

There's a TROU for everyone. It is a do-it-all, anywhere and anytime powsurf shape.

You get the surf flavour, the ease, the control, the liveliness,...the sensation.

A full dose of compelling & exceptional fahrvergnügen. Get started or hone your skills on the TROU.

The 147 length is recommended for lightweighted riders up to 75 kg for all conditions and every terrain. 

And heavier riders that focus on either riding in steep terrain or altered snow conditions.

Super light and built to last. 147cm of functional 3D design and purpose-developed pads ensure you are in control and at ease while you serve yourself some fresh and pure gliding on and through the white thrills.

Just take this powdersurfing powertool to any mountain, hill or slope offering some soft snow and enjoy the bindingless bliss. 


Length:              147

Nose Width:      31,9

Waist Width:      26,7

Tail Width:          27,4

Radius:               730 

All Konvoi powdersurfboards come with optimized traction pads. Leash sold separately.