Inner pocket of the mammut airbag system
Pull Cord for the Mammut Airbag system
Mammut Air Valve for the airbag system

Mammut R.A.S. Removable Airbag 3.0

Boardworks Breakdown: 


An airbag pack is a huge upgrade to your safety gear as an addition to your beacon, shovel, and probe. By making your surface area way larger and helping keep you on top of the slide, an avalanche airbag pack significantly decrease your likelihood of being buried in an avalanche. Thi pack is the ideal size for ducking rope and hitting the side-country. It is as small as you can go while still having room for all the essentials. 


Manufacturer Description: 

When you're venturing into the backcountry, add the Removable Airbag 3.0® system from Mammut® to any of our Poacher R.A.S. styles for added safety. Lightweight, compact, and modular this airbag sits inconspicuously in your pack until you need it.


  • Lightweight, durable airbag
  • Modular design works with all RAS 3.0 compatible packs
  • T-handle trigger tucks away
  • Behind-head airbag for unlimited visibility



700 g

Airbag volume

150 l

Airbag system

Removable Airbag System

Trauma protection


Filling time

3 sec

Cartridge included




More Features

NOT compatible with Removable Airbag 2.0 backpacks (from W11-12 to W15-16)

Height-adjustable, easily stowable T-shaped deployment handle

Very small packing volume: Fully integrated into the backpack. Does not get in the way of internal organization

Faster location of burired subjects thanks to the bright color

Airbag volume: 150 liters

Our lightest airbag system: Without its carbon cartridge, the system weighs just 690 g (1010 g including carbon cartridge)

Removable Airbag System 3

Screw-in ready: Screw in the cartridge and the system is ready to use straight away

Range of application: -30 °C to +40 °C

Filling time: approximately 3 seconds

Dependable: Compressed gas energy storage is not affected by the weather or the temperature

Complete flexibility: The user can remove the system from the backpack and transfer it to other backpacks in the range. The backpack can be used for other activities.