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Photos Provided by: Rob McCarty (@robrmccarty) 

The Bellingham Path Dash returned for its third year. If you are unfamiliar with the Path Dash, it is an awesomely dorky 1 v 1 path race. The path is barely big enough to fit two riders on, and it is deceptively difficult to skate. You begin with a nearly flat section the leaves you tucking or pumping about as fast as you can jog. But shortly after, it dumps you into a steep section with gentle sweepers riddled with roots that knock your feet around on your board. The steep section sends you into a tight 90 degree corner that the locals like to call "The Grom Cannon". It has launched a few groms in its day. After surviving the grom cannon you have a brief straightaway that goes into an abrupt 90 degree left then 90 degree right combo corner. While the Max speed is only about 25 mph, a speed any faster would be unmanageable for most riders on this particular path. 

We started the event off with running the race as quickly as possible. This proved to be more difficult than expected due to a high degree of foot traffic on the path compared to previous years. There were a number softball games ending at the neighboring fields when we arrived to skate, and the path connects the upper fields to the lower ones. Nevertheless, with help from some awesome volunteer spotters with radios, we ran the race heats as quickly as possible without flattening any pedestrians. 

Forrest Anton Erick Bellingham Path Dash Boardworks Tech Shop

Forrest anton Erick Marco Thody Bellingham Path Dash Boardworks Tech Shop

Landon Jackson Kai Griffin Bellingham Path Dash Boardworks Tech Shop

After the regular race was concluded, we ran two more challenges for chances to win prizes. The first challenge was stock Landyachtz Dingy time trials. Riding these carvy little mini-cruisers down the technical path with multiple sections of roots to navigate over proved a difficult challenge. In fact, the fastest times pretty much went to the few that did not crash. But that is a large victory in and of itself.

Forrest Anton Erik Dingy Challenge Bellingham Path Dash #3

The last challenge was a tandem time trial. Two skaters road the same giant surfboard-looking setup down the path while both standing up. There were only two teams  brave enough to rise to the challenge. Nonetheless, it was extremely rad. 

Brett Manney and Marco Thody tandem challenge Bellingham Path Dash #3

Tandem challenge Johnn Slugg and Landon Jackson Bellingham Path Dash #3

Overall it was another successful year of making racing fun. We had a good turnout of about 20 racers with many more that came to hang out and spectate. Tons of swag was given away. And most importantly, everyone seemed to leave stoked! Thank you to everyone that came out this year's Path Dash. See you next year! 

Race Results: 

Race Podium: 
1st Bret Manney
2nd Marco Thody
3rd Landon Jackson

Dingy Time Trials: 
1st Bret Manney 00:35.03 
2nd John Slugg 00:36.03
3rd Garett Belanger 00:40.29
4th Cody Taylor 00:42.67
5th Forrest Anton-Erik 00:42.83
6th Marco Thody 00:44.19
7th Anton 00:48.96
8th Michael 00:52.04

Tandem Surf Challenge:
1st John Slugg / Landon Jackson
2nd Bret Manney / Marco Thody



Below are more photos from Path Dash #3 shot by Robert McCarty (@robrmccarty) for your enjoyment. 

Chris Burton railing through the Grom Cannon.

Troy seeking out that inside line.

Cody Taylor keeping low. 

Kai Griffin with the hands up style. 


Micah McCarty getting after it! 

Big Ty may look chilled out through this corner, but he always keeps it Pagan.

Garett Bellanger (Aka "Greasey")

The Grom Cannon earning its name.

Another victim of the Grom Cannon.

Katrina Vogel keeping the lead. 

Brett Manny got his second Path Dash win in a row! 

Keeping it chill through the corner. 


Thank you to the following companies for supporting this year's Path Dash:


DB Longboards 

Atlas Truck Co. 

Cloud Ride Wheels 

Rayne Longboards 

Remember Collective 

Luxe Trucks 

Black Dog Longboards 

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