Voile 12" Strap
Voile 12" Strap
Voile 15" Strap
Voile 15" Strap
Voile 15" Strap
Voile 15" Strap

Voile 15" Strap

Boardworks Breakdown: 

If anything is better than duct tape, it's Voile Straps. Made of tough stretch polyurethane and their durable Super-Tough® nylon buckle, Voile Straps have many uses. You should always carry a few Voile Straps when traveling in the backcountry. A-frame skis on your pack, fix a pesky climbing skin, hold your shovel and probe together, and of course, hold your skis together for transport.

Manufacturer Description: 

These Voile Straps® are made of tough stretch polyurethane, with a UV-resistant additive to increase their lifespan.

Their Super-Tough® nylon buckle features a slim profile for packing efficiency and extra durability.

Few things in life are as reliable as the original Voile Strap®. Over the last 30 years they have become the ultimate alternative to duct tape, nylon straps, and bungee cords.

On the job, in the outdoors, and everywhere in between: they are the definitive way to secure, bundle, and repair almost anything on the go.
Voile Straps® have limitless uses, drop us a line when you do something amazing with one.


• Slim Profile

• Won't Slip

• Holds Tight

• Super Strong

• UV Resistant

• Works in Extreme Weather

• Daisy Chain Together

• Time-Tested Design



Load Circumference Min — Max: 5.5in — 12.5in / 14cm — 31.7cm

Material: UV-Resistant Polyurethane

Buckle: Super-Tough® Nylon