SVST Tune Kit

Boardworks Breakdown:

Just about everything you could want in an at-home waxing set up. SVST makes elite tuning supplies, the same ones we use in the shop to give you those sweet, sweet tune ups. This kit comes with all the essentials packed inside a badass hardshell carrying case.

If you hit one of our wax clinics and want to round out your kit to wax like we do, we'd recommend adding a fine gummi stone, a buff pad, and a horse hair finishing brush. If you want to hit the next level, add some bench clamps for the most consistent tuning surface. And if you really want to splurge, those roto brushes are pretty dank. 

Manufacturer Description:

Essential wax kit for any professional. Featuring a hard shell case
built to protect all your tools. This kit includes SVST Iron, 100 gram
bar of Universal Wax (12°- 30°F), Nylon Brush, 6" Scraper, and
two Rubber Bands. Inner dimensions: 235 x 180 x 170mm