Spark R&D Fixie Clips (Top-Mount) - Black - Clips shown together
Spark R&D Fixie Clips (Top-Mount) - Black - Clips Shown Apart

Spark R&D Fixie Clips - Top-Mount

Boardworks Breakdown: 

These clips are pretty darn sweet. No fuss whatsoever. Just slide your board back together at the top of the hill and ride. 

Manufacturer Description: 

The NEW Fixie Clips come in a sleek, lightweight aluminum design that features no moving parts. It’s stiff, simple, and requires no rotation - just put your board together and go. The Fixies have built-in adjustability to help compensate for varying board hole patterns. They shed snow and ice, and won’t slip over time.

Top-Mount Fixie Clips are for splitboards that have inserts at the clip mounting points (you can't see screw heads on the base of your board). We have Through-Mount Fixie Clips for boards without inserts (you can see screw heads on the base of your board).


Includes: 2 left clips, 2 right clips, (8) 10mm coarse-thread screws, (8) fine coarse-thread screws, 4 grip washers.

Weight: 1.98oz/pr (56g)


Compatible with two-piece splitboards that are drilled through at the clip mounting points. (you can see screw heads on the base of your board.)

Not compatible with boards that have inserts rather than holes at the clip mounting points. For these boards please see our Top-mount Fixie Clips. 

Not compatible with three or four-piece splitboards.