Oneball Bulk 4WD Warm Wax 750G

Boardworks Breakdown: 

Pick up one of these bulk bars of warm temp Oneball snowboard wax and you will be stocked up well for any upcoming warmer days. Here in the Cascades, this brick of wax will last you a good while. It covers the upper end of our common snow temperatures quite well. 

Manufacturer Description: 

Race proven formulas using the highest quality of hydrocarbon waxes. No additives. Four temperatures that offer the best value in the industry.

    • WARM = 32° to 26°F (0° to -3°) 750g
    • COOL = 28° to 21°F (-2 to -6°C) 750g
    • COLD = 23° to 12°F (-5° to -11°C) 750g
    • ICE = 12°F (-11°C) 750g
    • Base Prep = Used to clean and protect base 750g

    Size: 750 grams

    Sold in singles