Korua Shapes Transition Finder Splitboard

Boardworks Breakdown:

The solid version of the Transition Finder has been one of Korua's most popular shapes for good reason: It rips. Able to handle any kind of terrain you could run into, the split brings the same jack-of-all-trades energy into the backcountry. It's stiff enough to handle, but not too stiff to sacrifice the versatility to add your style to those deep turns we know and love Korua for.

Manufacturer Description:

The overhauled Transition Finder Split is the melting pot of human-powered freeride and freestyle. This shape is particularly suitable for short to medium-long hikes and compliments a creative riding style, allowing you to integrate more technical freestyle elements into your split missions. It’s a versatile ripper for those looking to link soulful turns and seek out natural transitions, features, and side-hits. As a true all-rounder, the Transition Finder Split is sure to deliver anywhere you take it!