Karakoram Ultra Clips 2.0 2024

Boardworks Breakdown: 

These are the classic Ultra Clips most splitboarders know and love, but with a few added upgrades. Compared to the classic Ultra Clips, they are smaller, lighter, and have set screw micro adjustment ability. 

Manufacturer Description: 

Since setting the splitboard performance standard in 2010 with our patented Splitboard Clips, Karakoram is proud to improve upon that standard with the release of our new patented and patent pending UltraClips. We truly believe in Innovation Forever and the UltraClip embodies this mantra. We’ve taken what we’ve learned with six years of use on our Splitboard Clips and made them more powerful, easier to use, and lighter. Increased leverage with our Active Joining Technology links allow the split skis to be compressed tighter while at the same time reducing the opening and closing force from you. Once joined the UltraClip fully constrains the seam of your splitboard to eliminate seam rattling, seam shearing, and seam rolling. The lever locks in the ski position as well to eliminate unwanted movement while in tour mode. Take your splitboard to performance levels never before attained with the Karakoram UltraClip.




Smaller footprint for less visible clutter.


Increase or decrease tension in the UltraClip with the turn of a screw.

LIGHTER10% lighter.  

Every gram counts.


  • Compatible with Top Mount Board and Through Mount Boards. 
  • Boards with Fine Thread Inserts require custom hardware