Grassroots Slasher 140cm 3D Powsurf

Boardworks Breakdown:

Grassroots pow surfers are some of the nicest and best bang for your buck binding-less boards money can buy. Grassroots offers a wide variety of shapes so you can dial in your powder surfing style to your exact liking. We have brought in what we believe will excel in the Cascades and Baker, so you can grab a board and get surfing. 

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Manufacturer Description: 

The Slasher 140cm Powsurfer is the one of the most versatile boards in the line and is a solid choice when starting your powsurf quiver. Very agile, poppy and lively with great float. The Slasher 140 Powsurfer will handle the shallower conditions and any type of soft snow conditions from mush to light powder.This does take some skill of course to ride the trickier snow, but this model is very capable. It contains a balanced blend of our powsurf specific technology with a traditional snowboard-like cut. Ideal in powder conditions between 5″ (13cm) and 18″ (40cm) for rider’s of 120lbs to 200lbs.

Ideal for beginners as well as the most aggressive and advanced powsurfers out there. The Slasher is a sure pick when you are not sure about the conditions you will encounter on a particular day.

This model comes in many different widths to accommodate youth riders (X-Narrow), female riders (Narrow or X-Narrow) or those who ride in very shallow and variable conditions most of the time.

See video of the Slasher 140cm riding in very shallow (and steep) conditions as well as very wet coastal conditions in the description below.




The Slasher 140cm Powsurfer is one of the most versatile boards in our line. A great all around board that is very easy to learn on and with added control of our CDC 3-Dimensional Base Technology you can get as aggressive as possible on it. The elongated nose outline puts more of the width and volume under the weight of the rider allowing for better planing and less drag in the tail. This makes for better floatation and in turn better edge to edge performance. We’ve blended a few of the characteristics from traditional snowboard shape outline and sidecut but infused powsurf characteristics that have been rigorously tested in our 14 years of shaping and powsurfing. The 3-D base gives this board even better float and control while contributing to the surf-like feel that we love so much.

The Slasher 140cm Powsurfer performs best in 5″ or more soft snow and up to 18″ of light and dry duff. If mainly riding in shallow snow and/or variable conditions check out the “Narrow” and “X-Narrow” version of the Slasher or the Barracuda models for best performance in shallow, thick and variable conditions. These two narrower options are also great boards for female riders and youth ages 11-14.

Recommended width sizing:

“Standard” – US Men’s boot sizes: 9-13  /  Weight: 130-230 lbs

“Narrow” width –  US Men’s boot sizes 7-9  /  Weight: 100-160 lbs   ***Excellent Pick for Female riders***

“X-Narrow” width US Men’s boot 6-8 / Weight: 90-130 lbs.    ***Excellent Pick for Female riders***

“Tree” graphic by Mark Kowalchuk – “Slasher Knife” graphic by Jordan Nielson – “Stag” graphic By Danny Christopher

“Mtn Wave” graphic by Nate Reifke