Exterior packaging of the Dakine Deluxe tuning kit shown in black with green highlights.


Dakine Deluxe Tuning Kit 2024

Boardworks Breakdown: 

This is a great kit for getting started with your homesnowboard tunes. It has virtually everything most home tuning enthusiasts will need, besides a set of tuning forks and the iron. Get your home tuning game started with this essentials kit from Dakine. 

Manufacturer Description: 

Deluxe Tune has everything to keep your skis or snowboard in peak shredding condition. If it's not in here, you don't need it! Actually, don't quote us on that. But it does pack most of the essential items you'll want on hand. From tuning and filing edges, to scraping, waxing, and polishing bases, it's the perfect easy-carry kit for everyday trips to the mountain.