Crab Grab Binding bag. Army Green. Shown on binding
Crab Grab Binding Bags. Army Green. Bag open showing space inside
Crab Grab Binding bag. Army Green. Back of bag shown

Crab Grab Binding Bag - Army Green

Boardworks Breakdown:

Super legit stash spot for your stash. Everyone knows what you have in there. Nobody cares. These things are sick.

Manufacturer Description: 


Put the Binding Bag on your high-back, slip the security leash behind your forward lean adjuster, and fill it with all the crap you don’t want in your pockets: tools, wax, keys, candy, cash, weapons, whatever. Built with a sealed zipper and dry bag bottom, this tough little bag is ready for anything. Plus, there's an interior zip pocket for extra tiny things. Fit's most known bindings. Bindings not included. Enjoy.