Weston Eclipse Women's Snowboard 2023

Boardworks Breakdown:

The eclipse is a powder-hungry snowboard, and will still hold great edges in variable conditions but get this board on the steep and deep, and this board shines! 


Manufacturer Description:  


The Best Splitboard for: Powder + Freeride - Trees, Powder & Steeps

The Eclipse is a powder & freeride hybrid that prefers trees, powder and steeps. Like many powder boards, the Eclipse has a very wide nose and a tapered crescent tail, but it differentiates itself with a mid-stiff flex, our Freeride camber-dominant profile and only 10mm of setback. This combination keeps the board nimble in trees, reliable on crud, and floaty in deep snow. A powerful core of poplar and bamboo stringers keep this board smooth and surfy with tip to tail carbon stringers to give it a little extra pop. The castor bean-based, Rugged Nylon topsheet, helps shed snow and adds durability while the Sintered 4001 base provides top of the line speed in a minimalist black design to create seamless repairs. All of this helps the Eclipse to slay pow while still performing in variable conditions as you hop from pow stash to pow stash. 

As with all our splitboards, we shift the touring bracket forward to make kick-turns a breeze and on this model we utilize active latching Karakoram UltraClips 2.0, installed with our holeless base technology, to help create the most responsive ride.

Designed in Colorado, Manufactured at GP87
Artwork by: Brooke Ruble 


Size Chart 

Weston Eclipse Women's Splitboard size chart and specs 2022


Wood Composition

Poplar - 91% | Bamboo - 9%


Tapered Directional 

Camber Profile


Eclipse Splitboard Camber Profile


Castor Bean-Based Rugged Nylon

Layup Fibers 

Tri-Axial Fiber Glass

Carbon Fiber Stringers   

2x Tip to Tail

Base Material

Sintered Durasurf 4001 + Aluminum Tip + Holeless


Polyurethane (PU)


Shifted Touring Bracket Position


Karakoram UltraClip 2.1

Tip & Tail Clips 

Karakoram Tip-Lockin Attachment 

Tip Holes + Tail Notches