Spark R&D 2nd Board Kit

Boardworks Breakdown: 

Have one pare of Spark bindings and two different splitboards? Pick up one of these 2nd board kits so you can use your Spark bindings on both. 


Manufacturer Description: 

Set up multiple splitboards to be tour-ready with T1 bindings. Comes with screws, Touring Brackets, and T1 (single-wire) heel rests. Pair this up with Spark Pucks and you’re ready to ride.

Weight: 5.64 oz/pr (160g)


In The Kit

2 Tesla Touring Brackets

2 T1 Heel Rests

6 M6 x 10mm screws for touring brackets

4 M6 x 8mm screws for heel rests



The 2nd Board Kit is compatible with all T1 Arc & Surge bindings, T1 Burton Hitchhiker bindings, and the Nitro Vertical binding.