Seismic Speed Vent 85mm Longboard Wheels

BTS NOTEThese wheels carry speed LIKE NONE OTHER. If you are looking for a wheel with insane top speed, or a wheel that will carry your push for FOREVER, look no further. These are one of our top recommendations for avid LDP (long distance push) riders. 

"85mm tall x 52mm wide SPEED VENT Wheels
Offset bearing seat • 50mm running surface • Radiused outside edge, square inside edge
8.6 oz. each • Sold in sets of FOUR wheels

Choose BlackOps™ formula for the ultimate balance between speed and pure grip, with excellent durability.
Choose Defcon™ formula for explosive speed and rebound with smooth, predictable grip-to-slip.

The very fastest wheel on the planet – used to set multiple World Speed Records – including Pete Connolly’s blistering mark of 91.17 mph / 146.73 kph (Sept. 16, 2017 at The Top Speed Challenge in Quebec, Canada); and Mischo Erban’s Official IGSA standup record of 80.83 mph / 130.08 kph (Sept. 30, 2010 in northern Colorado).

The 85mm by 52mm Seismic Speed Vent is molded around our proprietary Energy Conversion (EC) hub – the first tall, wide hub seen in longboarding and still second-to-none. The 85mm tire provides downhill roll speed, while the weight-saving hub adds the quickness and agility of a smaller wheel, as well as enhanced rebound. Combined with lips designed for pure grip, the Speed Vent stands in a class by itself."




-Seismic Skate