Rent-A-Bench Appointment: 1 Hour

Boardworks Breakdown: 

Don't have space to work on your snowboards at home? Rent a tuning bench here in the shop so you can do your own tune and repair! 

How it Works: 

1. Make an appointment. 

2. A tuning bench, Tuning Trees, Base Cleaner, Iron, Cork Bar, buff pad, & Wax Brush will be provided for you. 

3. Bring any other tuning supplies you might need. If you need to purchase any tuning supplies, you can do so here. Choose in-store pickup at checkout and you can pick up your tuning supplies when you show up for your rent-a-bench appointment. 

4. Show up for your appointment (on time). We will have the rent-a-bench prepped for you. Enjoy! 

Please do not stay at the rent-a-bench past your time slot. We will have to awkwardly ask you to leave. 

Cancelation Policy: 

Rent-A-Bench appointment cancelations must be done at least 48 hours prior to the appointment in order to receive a refund. Appointments cannot be canceled with less than 48 hours notice and no refund will be given. 


***Safety and Hold Harmless Agreement***

By purchasing an appointment for the Boardworks Tech Shop rent-a-bench, you are willingly accepting the risk of injury that comes with using tools. It is not the fault of Boardworks Tech Shop if you hurt yourself or someone else while accessing rent-a-bench services. It is also not the fault of Boardworks Tech Shop if you damage your gear or someone else's while using the rent-a-bench.