REMIND INSOLES CUSH Classic - Blue and Black Base - Bottom View
Padding layer format
Descriptions of each layer
Alignment Pictures and description of how the insoles realigns the ankle

REMIND INSOLES CUSH - Classic - Reflexology - High Arch

**Snowboard boots are a specialized piece of equipment that fit differently than regular footwear. We HIGHLY recommend buying boots in-store. Our professionally trained staff will help you find the best fit possible.

Online boot purchases are eligible for EXCHANGE ONLY.
We DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS of online boot and/or insole purchases.

Boardworks Breakdown: 

The Remind Cush insoles are some primo-quality insoles for your snowboard boots. If you have a high arch height, these could be a great fit for you. We heavily recommend getting fitted for arches by a professional boot fitter BEFORE purchasing insoles online or in-store. 

As far as manufacturing goes, Remind insoles are built with extremely high-quality materials, have been thoroughly rider tested, and have had a ton of thoughtful design put into them.