Rayne Forge Longboard Complete


Rayne Forge Longboard Complete

"Push, Carve & Flow. The Forge is all about finding new lines, winding through the city and feeling the flow. It an ultra-light, easy to push and designed to drive hard turns while having a springy, energetic flex.

We’ve been making Forge cruiser longboard decks since we started in 2005 and this latest revision we increased the torsional stiffness to increase responsiveness and allow you to carve even tighter turns in complete control.

If you like the sound of the Forge, but want more stability or easier slides, check out the Rayne Flight. If you like the sound of the Forge longboard but want to do a bit of freeriding, check out the Rayne Anthem.

Longboard Specifications:

Length            – 40″
Width             – 9″
Wheelbase    – 25.5″

Design & Concave:

Directional Shape – The Forge has a slightly directional profile designed to compliment the forward biased camber and variable concave.
Camber– The Forge has a mellow cambered profile to add spring and bounce to the deck, making it carve like a dream while also being simple enough to dance and cross-step. We forward bias the camber profile so that it is under your front foot, allowing you to really drive your turns with power. Because of the forward camber, the back of the board retains better grip and control without sliding out.
Variable Concave – The Flight’s concave is mellow and increases from the center of the board towards the trucks. In combination with the camber and fiberglass/bamboo construction, the concave provides both grip where you need it and an awesome flex pattern designed for carving.
Elasta Flex – The Forge has a springy elastic flex, fine tuned for pumping and carving. It’s elastic flex makes it suitable as a dancing longboard and is suitable for riders up to 100 kg.
Kick Tails  Mellow kick tails give surprising amounts of pop for such a big board and are ideal for hanging five, g-turns and dropping off curbs.
Sharp Edges – A nice final touch for locked in feet."