Purl Warm Temp Ski and Snowboard Graphite Wax - Yellow - 68 grams

Boardworks Breakdown: 

Purl wax is eco friendly wax that is ACTUALLY high quality and fast. Protect your base and the environment. It might be the fastest, but it is definitely not slow. You won't be bummed. 

Manufacturer Description: 

Recommended Snow Temp Range: 20° F to 35°+ F 

Purl Wax Yellow, Warm Weather, Spring Ski Wax & Snowboard Wax provides amazing performance in high humidity conditions. It is wicked fast!

Purl eco-friendly ski and snowboard wax blends provide superior durability to make your ride fast, as long as possible. 

Purl Original Wax Info 

Hot Waxing Tips: CLICK HERE

We recommend blending the spring ski wax with our all temperature ski wax when the temperature is between 24º – 30º. Above 28º we recommend adding graphite ski wax as a rub-on to repel contaminates in dirty snow.