Oneball X-Wax 5 Pack for ksis and snowboards

Oneball X-Wax 5 Pack

Boardworks Breakdown: 

A nice little sample pack of every temperature ski and snowboard wax you could need. 

Manufacturer Description: 

X-Wax Variety 5 Pack includes 5 - 45g bars of 
Warm, Cool, Cold, Ice & Base prep waxes in a nice snap top plastic carrying case.

Sold in singles.

  • Warm = 32F to 26F (0C to -3C) 110g
  • Cool = 28F to 21F (-2C to -6C) 110g
  • Cold = 23F to 12F (-5C to -11C) 110g
  • Ice Cold = 12F & below (-11c & below) 110g.

Size: 225g