Nitro Quiver Slash 2021 Snowboard

Boardworks Breakdown:

The Slash says it all in the name. Fun,Floaty pow deck perfect and playful for those deep days!

The new carve happy, pow slashing, surfy turning, Quiver Slash snowboard is designed to make surfing the mountain easier with its reduced length and super-wide waist width allowing all riders to ride this board one step below their normal length. Engineered to allow you to downsize your normal board length and enjoy a more playful ride. This new tapered fat shape delivers the perfect blend of float and agility for the morning powder glory to the choppy afternoons, while the Cam-Out Camber provides the stability you need when laying into a turn or cracking an ollie over the boundary line. On the new Slash, you can take it slow through the local tree run or wide open down the back powder bowl, no matter where you take it you will be having fun perfecting your surf style.
Designed for those powder chasing, surf style, carver enthusiasts out there, the new Quiver Slash provides the perfect fun ride with its shorter length and fat shape improving the float while maintaining its shortboard agility in all conditions.