Moss Snowstick Wing Swallow Snowboard base

Moss Snowstick Wing Swallow Snowboard


"Short board, big ride. With the desire for a shorter board that is highly responsive and can handle speed, the Wing Swallow was born. This short but beastly board may be said to have multi personalities; all of which can be achieved through the shifting of body weight across the various components of the board. The progressive sidecut drives through bottom turns, accelerating into the next turn with ease. The wing is the finishing component of the sidecut that increases traction and hold during turns but can also produce those playfully surfy turns. The swallow part of the tail not only makes the tail torsionally stiffer, but allows for better board control in softer conditions. Wherever you are on the mountain, regardless the condition, this board rips, surfs, and rallies through it all."

LENGTH: 1493
EF.EDGE: 891
SIDECUT: 8500/6200
NOSE/TAIL: 315/292
WAIST: 262
STANCE WIDTH: 520 (460-580)
SET BACK: -74.5

Our Thoughts:

Moss Snowsticks are some of the most beautifully made, Japanese handcrafted snowboards in existence. Moss puts at least an hour of quality control into every board they produce, and they do not sell anything less than A-grade product. Why haven't you heard much about Moss? Although they have been around since 1971, they just opened for US distribution in the 2015/2016 season, and their availability is limited. Any board they produce, remains in their lineup indefinitely. That means, when you absolutely fall in love with your snowboard, you can ride the heck out of it and find the EXACT same board several years down the road. No need to preserve the board, ride it to death as it should be ridden! Grab yourself any Moss model, and you will have the surfiest, best carving board you can find on the market.