Lathed Free Thought Longboard Wheels

Lathed 78a V1 Free Thoughts. These wheels have been brought down in size significantly and had their overall shape changed as well. We took the lisp / contact patch in to make sure they would glide over anything in a slide. Because Free Wheel Co's platinum thane is already so "on top of the pavement" and glidy, we flipped the wheels and made their lip profile inset just to add a bit of control. We expect these wheels to be SUPREMELY slidy and fun! We also expect them to last a long time due to their extra-resilient urethane formula. A great wheel for double kicks, sidewalk slashing, and tech sliding. 


Refurbished and lathed used longboard wheels. YES: These wheels are sick! NO: They are not perfect.... But they pretty darn close. These wheels have been taken in from our used wheel trade in policy. We then take the wheels and re-round / un-flatspot / reshape them into virtually new, affordable wheels. THESE WHEELS DO NOT HAVE EXACT SPECS. NO WE WILL NOT LATHE YOUR WHEELS FOR YOU AS AN ON DEMAND SERVICE. THERE ARE NO RETURNS ON THESE PRODUCTS. If you have any questions about these wheels, please call us at the shop (360) 526-2181. Or, feel free to come check out the wheels in store.