Landyachtz Revival Series | Ruby Lake Longboard Complete


"The Revival Series is about finding lost and forgotten timbers and repurposing them into high quality skateboards.  It is about using discarded material to create skateboards that are both beautiful and fully skate-able.  By sourcing unique materials and pressing them into boards at our micro factory in the Kootenay region of BC, we are able to create boards that are pieces of history.  Instead of being forgotten, Revival Series wood is rejuvenated, reclaimed and repurposed to live again under the feet of skaters. 

The Sunshine Coast region of British Columbia, Canada, was a logging mecca during the Late 1800s.  Demand for Coastal wood drove an industry that fuelled Britain’s industrial revolution. For this series, we've salvaged logs that were harvested from the Sunshine Coast region in the late 1800’s and placed in Ruby Lake for preservation while the Howard Logging Company built a rail line to their mill in Earls Cove, B.C. The company ultimately failed and the rail line was never completed. The logs eventually sank and remained under the surface of Ruby Lake for over a century.

Sourcing unique wood has been an exciting endeavour and we are proud to introduce this Limited Edition run of Revival Boards;
The Ruby Lake Series. 

Construction – 6 plies Canadian Maple core w/ Revival top and bottom plies.

28" Length I 8.5" Width I 15.5" Wheelbase

Made in Canada"