Jake’s Mom Stickers

You may have seen our very popular, “Jake’s mom is hot” stickers out there. Jake’s mom, aka Momma Sue, is someone very dear to the shop. Sue has been a big supporter of the shop since day one. She’s been a motherly figure to all of us here at Boardworks, as well as many of Jake’s other friends. She’s also been a great sport about us relentlessly teasing Jake about his mom being a total babe. 

Recently, Sue has been fighting a tough cancer battle. Her chemo therapy has kept her from being able to work. And from what we’ve heard, her husband has used up most (or maybe all) of his sick pay at his job and needs to stay working to support their family.

Boardworks has always been community focused. Supporting the mom of a well know member of the snow community (Jake Chastain) is a no brainer for us. We are selling these stickers to support Momma Sue, and will be sending her 100% of the profits from their sales. 

This is a special item, and we will sell them for whatever amount you’d like to pay for them. If you’d like to spend $1, we are happy to sell ya one for a dollar! If you’d like to spend $5, $10, $20+ we are mega stoked on that too! Because this is a limited sticker, please just buy one (1) sticker and select the price you’d like to contribute. 

Thank you all, and F*%! cancer.