Grassroots Barracuda 140cm 3D Powsurf - Black/Black
Grassroots Barracuda 140cm 3D Powsurf - Black/Black
Grassroots Barracuda 140cm 3D Powsurf - Black/Black

Grassroots Barracuda 140cm 3D Powsurf - Black/Black

Boardworks Breakdown:

Grassroots pow surfers are some of the nicest and best bang for your buck binding-less boards money can buy. Grassroots offers a wide variety of shapes so you can dial in your powder surfing style to your exact liking. We have brought in what we believe will excel in the cascades and Baker, so you can grab a board and get surfing. 

***Deck with Leash package comes with a black grassroots coil powsurf leash (12 foot stretched length / 3 foot coiled length)***


Manufacturer Description: 

An excellent board choice for coastal snowpacks and areas with shallow, dense or wind-affected snow conditions. The Barracuda 3D 140cm Powsurfer cuts up the hot pow, slush and just about any soft-ish snow condition. Of course, it kills it in the powder too and is a go-to pick for many steeper and bigger lines where you’re not sure what to expect from wind effect or avalanche debris.

The Barracuda comes exclusively with our  CDC 3-Dimensional Base for optimal control, floatation and snap. Its heavy taper allows it to handle well in tricky snow conditions, but this can also lead to a less planed out ride in deep and light snow, so scootch your feet forward and let her plane out! Or if you weigh 180lbs+ and ride often in deeper and lighter snow often you may consider the Slasher 140cm for a little more volume in the rear of the board for best floatation.

See the Barracuda 140cm 3D in the steeps-



The Barracuda 3D models are excellent boards for riding in coastal powder conditions where the snow can be heavy, wet and dense. They are also a great choice for handling shallow powder, slush and variable conditions.

A long, drawn-out nose cuts effortlessly through the snow maximizing speed and float while the set-back, short radius sidecut and slightly flared crescent tail give it tight turning ability and a forgiving ride in variable conditions and shallow or settled pow. Great for weaving tight trees, ripping steep lines, and navigating technical terrain. While it won’t have as “floaty” of a feel in deeper pow as models like the Powder Slut, Great White and Phish, this board can handle the less than ideal conditions better than most boards in the line.

The CDC 3-Dimensional Base offers the highest level of performance. Our 3-Dimensional Bases are specially designed to give the rider more precision board control and better performance in all conditions. The convex nose transitions smoothly into a double concave at the contact point of the rails, displacing and channeling snow to create a better float, more speed, increased leverage to the rail and even better board feel. This enhanced interface between rider, board and snow makes a significant difference in the rider’s board control in every condition and especially when conditions are shallow or variable. More bite in your turns means better response to your movements, increasing agility and the ability to lay even deeper into your turns.

Recommended Width Sizing: 

“Standard” – US boot sizes: 9-13  /  Weight: 130-230 lbs . 

“Narrow” width –  Ideal for Ladies, youth or men with US boot sizes 7-9  /  Weight: 100-200 lbs.