G3 Glide Splitboard Skins
G3 LT Glide Splitboard Skins - 2022


G3 LT Glide Splitboard Skins - 2022

Boardworks Breakdown:

If you want to go farther faster, this is the ideal skin for you. You sacrifice a bit of traction with the glide formula, but you get optimal travel across the snow.  These are ideal for tours with long flat sections and experienced splitboarders who always find themselves being sure-footed on their skins. 


Manufacturer Description: 



The splitboard skin to beat. The ideal all-purpose, go-anywher­­e skin built for cold and dry conditions. Features a mix of mohair for optimal glide and nylon for added durability. Uncompromised performance at an unrivaled weight using high performance textiles from other demanding sports applications as a backbone. The low-bulk materials matched with the minimalist tip and tail system creates a tightly packed roll that doesn't require any extra room in your pack.

The splitboard-specific components including tip connector with one fixed and one articulating hand, camming tail connector, and pre-cut straight edge combine for a secure, lightweight connection on most board shapes.

The sizing curve for the SPLITBOARD LT skins reflects real user needs and positions the most popular board lengths in the middle of a size.  Removable rip strip reduces skin-to-skin adhesion, making it easier to pull apart skins. If your glue gets contaminated on an epic traverse, you can remove the strip for extra adhesion.  

Having problems fitting the tail clip to swallow-tailed boards?  If you use a swallow-tailed board, you can try switching the left and right tail clips to grab the curved outside of your board.  



  • ~15% lighter than anything else in its performance class
  •  Mix of mohair for optimal glide and nylon for added durability
  •  Compact packability
  •  Asymmetrical tip connector & innovative camming tail connector
  •  Pre-cut straight edge
  •  Flexible sizing with generous overlap
  •  Removable rip strip
  •  Trim Tool & Skin Savers included
  •  Updated non-toxic adhesive & PFC-free waterproofing
  •  Recycled & recyclable storage bag & box
  •  Proudly designed, tested and manufactured in BC, Canada



    Lengths: 144 - 162cm 154 - 172cm
    Size: S/M M/L
    Weight (kg): 241g 262g
    Weight (lb): 8.5oz 9.2oz
    Width: 140mm