DFunk's Speed Wax Bulk Bar

Boardworks Breakdown: 

This wax is a locally made, mineral based compound, ideal for 29 degrees and up. By far the fastest wax around, designed specifically for the Northern Cascades. The warmer the temp, the faster it gets! 

Manufacturer Description: 

  • Covers a WIDE temperature range (19 degrees & up)
  • Undoubtedly still a FAST wax in “normal” snowy conditions, but whew, in warm conditions found mainly in the Cascades and Sierras, we smoke our competitors!
  • Wax lasts 2-3 times LONGER on your ride than other comparable waxes at any price!
  • Uses LESS WAX per application = saving $$ in the long run
  • Its an EASY application:  DFunk’s Speed Wax spreads more easily & smoother on your ride which = less elbow grease exerted for buffing & scraping (Did you hear that shop tuners & daddies?)