Deeluxe Footloose 2 Men's Powsurf Boots - 2024
Deeluxe Footloose 2 Men's Powsurf Boots - 2024

Deeluxe Footloose 2 Men's Powsurf Boots - 2024

 ***NOTE: Because snowboard boots are specialized pieces of equipment that fit differently than regular footwear, we DO NOT recommend buying boots online. Getting fitted for boots and insoles before purchasing is HIGHLY beneficial. Please come see our highly trained staff in store for a boot fit. 



Boardworks Breakdown: 

This is THE dank Powsurf-specific boot. Plenty of flex for ankle turning and a thin enough sole for excellent board feel. That being said, these things are built well enough to withstand the wear and tear of backcountry riding. 


With all boots, we recommend getting a proper in-store boot fit and considering an aftermarket insole so the boot best matches the arch of your foot. 

Manufacturer Description: 

At DEELUXE, we’re guided by a commitment to continual refinement. And this is especially evident in the Footloose 2. After debuting the world’s first boot dedicated to powsurfing and noboarding—the Footloose—to rave reviews, we immediately began soliciting feedback from the powsurf community on how we can evolve the boot and further support those who love to ride without bindings. This led to the creation of the Footloose 2, a boot born from a desire to bring a completely new look and feel to powsurfing. It sports a proven powsurf-specific liner that enhances both foothold and mobility, affording better board control and making it especially easy to initiate smooth turns. We’ve also repositioned the lacing for even greater heelhold. And a double-lasted toe cap boosts durability while offering additional grip for those looking to ollie and infuse their riding with skate-inspired tricks. Welcome to a completely new powsurfing experience.









Skate Flex 

Forget the griptape and trucks—DEELUXE’s Skate Flex sole provides the ride you need. Inspired by skate shoes, the Skate Flex sole is super grippy and offers enhanced board feel. And for protection from harsh impacts and flat landings, select models feature Slytech Shock Absorption in the heel. Whether you’re lapping the park or sessioning the streets, the Skate Flex sole rides like a champ.

Cosmic Flex

Designed for bindingless riding, this flex offers an unrivaled range of motion. Free your feet and surf the snow.

Traditional Lacing 

Traditional lacing provides a classic look and feel.


Waterproof and breathable, this membrane ensures feet stay warm and dry.

Rock Guard

This layer of rubber wraps around the toebox and sides of the boot, maximizing durability by providing protection from rocks and ice.

Size Chart 

    Unfortunately, many riders choose boots in the wrong size. They often do this by simply defaulting to their shoe size when selecting boots. Yet the fit and size of boots vary tremendously across brands. Your local snowboard shop will be able to pair you with your correct DEELUXE boot size in seconds with the help of our DEELUXE FOOT MEASUREMENT tool. Additionally, there is also a quick and easy way to find out your correct DEELUXE boot size at home. All you need for it is a ruler or a measuring tape and then follow these steps: Take off your shoes, stand, and place your feet on the ruler/measuring tape. Be sure that your heels are exactly located where the scale unit of the ruler/measuring tape starts. Now use the location of your toes on the ruler to determine your proper Mondo size. The Mondo size exactly matches the total length of your feet in cm. Use the size chart that is depicted below to convert your mondo size into country-specific shoe sizes if needed. Please note that the volume and length of your feet increases throughout the day. Consequently, if you’re measuring your feet in the morning, we recommend selecting a boot that’s a half-size larger.

    MONDO (MO) UK (UK) US Women (US) US Men (US) EURO (EU)
    19 13K 1,5 1,0 32,5
    19,5 13,5K 2,0 1,5 33,0
    20,0 1,0 2,5 2,0 33,5
    20,5 1,5 3,0 2,5 34,0
    21,0 2,0 3,5 3,0 34,5
    21,5 2,5 4,0 3,5 35,0
    22,0 3,0 4,5 4,0 35,5
    22,5 3,5 5,0 4,5 36,0
    23,0 4,0 5,5 5,0 37,0
    23,5 4,5 6,0 5,5 37,5
    24,0 5,0 6,5 6,0 38,0
    24,5 5,5 7,0 6,5 38,5
    25,0 6,0 7,5 7,0 39,0
    25,5 6,5 8,0 7,5 40,0
    26,0 7,0 8,5 8,0 40,5
    26,5 7,5 9,0 8,5 41,0
    27,0 8,0 9,5 9,0 42,0
    27,5 8,5 10,0 9,5 42,5
    28,0 9,0 10,5 10,0 43,0
    28,5 9,5 11,0 10,5 43,5
    29,0 10,0 11,0 44,0
    29,5 10,5 11,5 45,0
    30,0 11,0 12,0 45,5
    30,5 11,5 12,5 46,0
    31,0 12,0 13,0 47,0
    31,5 12,5 13,5 47,5
    32,0 13,0 14,0 48,0
    32,5 13,5 14,5 49,0
    33,0 14,0 15,0 50,0
    MONDO (MO) UK (UK) US Women (US) US Men (US) EURO (EU)