Dakine BC Skin Wax

Boardworks Breakdown: 

Grab yourself a bar of Dakine BC skin wax to keep your skins gliding efficiently and prevent snow clumping on the bottom of your skins. It's a lot easier to make it up the mountain when your skins slide when they are supposed to and don't weigh way too much. 

Manufacturer Description:

 No one wants to be hindered by finicky skins while traveling in the backcountry. This is why we came up with our BC Skin Wax. This blended formula is PFC-free, prevents snow from sticking to your skins, and takes up minimal space in your kit. So what are you waiting for? Improve your glide this season.


100% Petroleum-Based Paraffin Wax


5.6 oz (160g)


  • The blended formula provides long-lasting speed in a variety of conditions
  • PFC FREE (Perfluorocarbons)
  • Choose Cold for temperatures below 20F [ -7 ], Warm for temperatures above 26F [ -3C ] or All Temp for all snow conditions