Crab Grab Mega Heart - Lavender

Boardworks Breakdown: 

Get your significant other these heart shaped stomp pads the next time you spend too much money on our site. They are cute and will get you out of hot water when that new board shows up in the mail.

Manufacturer Description: 

  • 1 per pack
  • Dimensions: 4.33" each

We’ve Mega-Sized our Mini Hearts! Show your snowboard how much you care by giving it the grip that keeps you two together.


  • C-Foam™: Soft, safe, and squishy (just like real love).
  • PRE CRACKED: This heart’s not broken, it’s just broken in.  
  • GRIPPLE TEXTURE: Extra gripping nipples.


  • Foam squishes into the tread on your boot creating a solid bond.
  • Foam is lightweight and feels nice. 
  • Foam doesn’t look like some heinous chunk of plastic stomp pad you’d find on a rental board.