Oneball F-1 Twist Up All Temp Rub On Wax

Boardworks Breakdown: 

Hey, we have all been there. You should have waxed your board last night but totally spaced (Have you met Spacedog?). Maybe you stayed out too late with the homies. Maybe you stayed late at work and it messed you up to get ready for tomorrow's riding. Whatever the excuse, the Oneball F-1 Twist Up all temp rub on wax is a great band aid. Rub some if this stuff on the bottom of your shred stick and you will be considerably less bummed. You may need to re-apply a few times throughout the day, but its going to do a great job for a rub on wax and keep your base from feeling like Velcro. 

Manufacturer Description: 

Push up the wax, polish into your base with cork applicator. Shred pocket sized (50). All temp.