Cloud Ride Storm Chaser Longboard Wheels [B-Grade]

BTS NOTE: These wheels are listed as B-grades because they have sat in the shop long enough that they have become slightly discolored. They still perform! 

The legend is real. Cloud Ride has been working on this new, high-speed downhill wheel for the last few years and its finally here! The Storm Chaser features a square lip for grip, an ultra damp 77 durometer "Dark Matter" Urethane, and a custom designed center set core that distributes vibrations and impact more evenly than standard cores. These things will be one of the fastest wheels you will ever try, and will keep you feeling confident as you push your speed to new levels.The ultimate race wheel from Cloud Ride, these wheels are fast, grippy and resilient. The mystical Dark Matter Urethane bestows ridiculously smooth slides for pre-drifting and unparalleled control. Also fresh out of the Cloud Ride R&D lab is the supportive, ridged "Thunder Core" which creates insane roll speed and is center set for even wear. The Stormchasers are a game changer and must-have for any serious downhill skater.

Diameter Contact Patch Durometer  Core Size Finish Lip Profile Core Placement
73mm 67mm 77a Large Gloss Square Center Set


Our thoughts:

"I think I just broke Mach 1" seriously though these wheels are as fast as they are grippy, which by the way is very grippy.