Build Only (Pre-Cut) | Custom Splitboard Build Service

Boardworks Breakdown: 



Board Cut & Seal

Hardware Installation (purchased separately)

Please read carefully before purchasing this service option. This is not a tangible product. What you are purchasing is a professional service performed by Boardworks Tech Shop. 

If you have a board that is pre-cut, and you would like to have your hardware installed for you, this is the service for you. This service includes sealing the cut of your already pre-cut board, and installation of your split hardware. Once we receive your board and hardware, we will give discuss your stance before installation. That will be your last chance to make any needed changes before that stance is installed.

SHIPPING: You are responsible for getting the board to and from our store. You may choose to ship the board to us, or drop it off in person. If you need return shipping, we can send you a link for the shipping cost, which is NOT included in the pricing. Typical shipping costs in the US range from $25-50. 

By purchasing this service, you are hereby agreeing to the following terms and policies of Boardworks Tech Shop: Boardworks is not responsible for any shipping charges incurred when shipping your board to and/or from our store. We are not responsible if your board is lost or damaged during the transportation on either shipping routes to or from our store. After your splitboard leaves our premises, Boardworks IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for your item(s). If you are confused or unsure about ANY of the information for this service, please please please call us to clarify before moving on. We will be happy to answer all your questions at 360-526-2181.