Bear Kodiak Longboard Truck Set - Black (back)
Bear Kodiak Longboard Truck Set - Red (front)
Bear Kodiak Longboard Truck Set - Red (back)

Bear Kodiak Longboard Truck Set

"The Bear Kodiak features the latest in truck technology. Forged Hangers and Baseplates provide the next level in strength and performance. Precision machined axels eliminate wheel play while an entirely re-designed bushing seat improves the overall feel, stability and responsiveness of your setup. Experience the next level in high performance truck design with the all new 2015 Bear Kodiak. These trucks will give you the feel of a precision truck without breaking the bank on a precision truck! Available in red and black. What you are getting: Forged Baseplate and Hanger Heat interference pressed axles Ultra aligned, straight pressed axles with secondary lock pin Tall bushings (19mm), compatible with 15mm bushings by using provided shim Conical top bushing seat which eliminates dead zone and truck slop Unique top hanger bushing lean, drives hanger from dive into turn Classic bottom bushing seat (based on precision) with an added lip for step and double step bushings 8 hole mount on baseplate Bear's lightest RKP non- precision truck to date Bear's strongest truck to date Includes Laser Etched Wood Box Includes Replacement Bushings in 90a blue, 92a white with 94a black bushings pre-loaded on truck Includes 99a shim bushing to accommodate standard bushings"