BCA Stealth 300 Avalanche Probe


When every second matters, you want the Stealth 300 probe at your service. Big daddy to the Stealth 270, the Stealth 300 boasts 30 more centimeters of length with the same features you can depend on. The first segment "telescopes" out of the second to help save time and bulk in your pack and the Quick-Lock feature makes deployment fast and simple. 

Manufacturer Description:

Our Stealth 300 avalanche probe features the easiest and fastest assembly on the market, with no loose cable to cause hangups. The top segment stealthfully nests inside the next probe section, reducing the number of segments and size of the probe bundle when disassembled in your pack. Equipped with laser-etched depth markings for measuring snowpack and/or victim depth to determine the dimensions of the excavation area before shoveling. Our Quick-Lock hardware allows for the best packability and deployment speed on the market. Stealth probes are built to last and save valuable seconds during an avalanche rescue when time matters.