Artist Registration: Custom Painted Snowboard Art Show (5/21/22)

Paint your art onto a unique canvas: A snowboard. 

For this art show, we are calling on artists to paint a custom graphic onto a snowboard.

If you don't have a snowboard lying around that you want to paint, we have snowboards that are available for purchase for just $20. These boards are broken enough that they are not worth fixing, but are still in good enough shape to provide a good canvas. 


How the Art Show Works:

1. REGISTER: Sign up for free by selecting the "provide your own snowboard" option, or choose the $20 entry to use a board provided by Boardworks. 

2. Provide your contact info by clicking the link below. This way we can communicate with you leading up to the show and properly credit your work. 

Click Here To Provide Contact Information

3. Pick up your $5 off coupon to Dakota Art Store at Boardworks. Also, pick up your board to paint from Boardworks (if you picked the "Snowboard provided by Boardworks" sign-up option). 

4. After painting your snowboard drop it off at Boardworks Tech Shop on May 14th. 

5. Decide how you want to accept payment for your piece, if you want to trade your piece, or if you want to list it as "not for sale". Artists will need to process their own sales. However, artists will keep 100% of their sales. We will not be taking commission fees. 

 6. We ask that artists show up a half-hour before the art show begins to help set up and display their pieces. Artists must be present at the art show to take payment.