Arbor Iguchi Pro split. Ash dyed wood top sheet. Tip locks and board clips shown.
Arbor Iguchi Pro Split. Ash dyed wood top sheet. Full camber board profile shown


Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro 2022 Splitboard

Boardworks Breakdown:

A true all mountain ripper. This is your go anywhere, do anything deck. A touch softer than its predecessor the Annex, this board offers a more versatile design. Looking for the quiver killer? This is it! The Iguchi Pro Camber is stiff enough to charge on at hah speeds, but without being so stiff that it tires out your legs halfway through the day. If you're into cliff drops, this board provides all the landing gear you need while being super damp to absorb those impacts. 

Manufacturer Description: 

The Bryan Iguchi Pro is the Swiss Army Knife of the Arbor line. The utilitarian design is intended to excel in all conditions. “I wanted to have the ability to fully commit to carving as hard as possible yet allow forgiveness in the entry and exit of each turn. I love it because I can have fun on it on any mountain in any condition” – Bryan Iguchi.


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SOFT                                                                                                                             STIFF