Arbor Angusta Split Skins. Black. Black skins bag
Arbor Split Skins. Black. Nose clip
Arbor Split Skins. Black with White Design. Skins clipped onto board
Arbor Split Skins. Black with white design. Skins with snow on them

Arbor Angusta Splitboard Climbing Skins

These skins are a great balance between grip and glide. They provide plenty of traction when climbing in steep, icy, terrain while still gliding quickly in the flats and down slope skin tracks. The fitted version is perfectly cut and adjusted for the Iguchi pro split, and the universal ones will work with just about any split out there due to the versatile tail clip design. Note, you will have to cut the skins and install the tail clips on the universal version, but they are decently easy to setup compared to other DIY tail clip options out there.
Manufacturer Description: 
Designed to perfectly compliment the Iguchi Pro Split, Coda Split, and Swoon Split models, the Angusta Split Skin is built with a 70/30 Mohair/Nylon blend that optimizes uphill grip while maintaining downhill glide. Made with a glue-free adhesive that upholds a strong connection with the base of your splitboard. These are Austrian-made, Arbor quality splitboard skins.
  • Mohair/Nylon, 70/30 Blend
  • Tip Loop + Tail Clip 
  • Glue Free Adhesive