ThirtyTwo TM-2 Double BOA Men's Snowboard Boots 2022 - Tan/Camo - Rear View
ThirtyTwo TM-2 Double BOA Men's Snowboard Boots 2022 - Tan/Camo - Bottom Outsole view


ThirtyTwo TM-2 Double BOA Men's Snowboard Boots 2022

***NOTE: Because snowboard boots are specialized pieces of equipment that fit differently than regular footwear, we DO NOT recommend buying boots online. Getting fitted for boots and insoles before purchasing is HIGHLY beneficial. Please come see our highly trained staff in store for a boot fit. 





The ThirtyTwo TM-2 is a dependable and affordable option for an intermediate to the advanced rider with an average profile foot. It is a medium flex boot, making it a supportive boot to expand your skills as a bigger rider, or a supportive boot for lighter riders that are experienced and charge harder. The double BOA system makes getting in and out of the boot easy and provides an easy way to adjust the tightness of your boot.

With all boots, we recommend getting a proper in-store boot fit and considering an aftermarket insole so the boot best matches the arch of your foot. 



Manufacturer Description: 

Scotty Stevens chooses the TM2 because it's the most versatile boot in the line. With a medium flex its suitable for any riding style. A perfect fit right out of the box the TM2 is both focused on comfort with ultra soft Energy Foam cushioning and durability with protective Overmold. Dial in the fit with the Dual BOA Fit System featuring the TX3 lace.t.


 1:1 Lasting
 Dual BOA Closure System
Performance Rubber Outsole
STIEnergy Foam
3D Molded Tongue
Performance Internal Harness
Articulated Cuff
Performance Backstay
Heel Hold System
ThirtyTwo Snowboard boots features


32 TM-2 Snowboard boot liners


Medium flex Thirty Two Snowboard Boots
32 TM-2 snowboard boot soles